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Bamabass. I'm thinking on the same lines as you. An integral lip will cut away a lot of tedious operations. If the mold is perfect, then every lip will be perfect with no alignment problems.

I intend to support the lip face by tapering back to the body line and blending in. If you leave any thin bits sticking out, I would imagine that they would soon get damaged.

I thought about inserting some ss wire around the edge of the lip profile, inside the foam, kind of like rebar in concrete, but decided it was overkill.

The extra buoyancy from the taper will effect the balance point, but that it all part of the design process.

I have seen one piece lures but have no links.

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Yes, had a look at this material some time ago. The only problem I had was the density, It is very close to buoyancy, a fraction lighter than water.

This complicates the issue by having to introduce extra buoyancy, but it is possible. As for strength, it is ideal.

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