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Hell, I think we need this in Hardbait section as a centralized collection & directory of all the information available in Tackleunderground. Lets all add to this.

Any one doing searches finds some or new informative threads, stick it in here. (Please don't comment on this thread, just add links to great stuff) If you can't help it, find a nice link & add a PS lol


A) Brief description (and or Thread Title)

B) Link to thread.

Let me start with a few:

  1. Sealing with Probionate
  2. Assortment of lure making tips
  3. Doing Thru Wires
  4. Lures Reveal, inside view of lures
  5. Discussion about Sealing Lures

Okay, I went thru to page 5 of old posts in Hardbait section. Over to you guys.

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Thanks, La Pala! You're the man!! As usual, your knowledge, expertise and computer skills are helping to make all this information more accessible to the TU community.

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