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Snooterfish: I make alot of bladebaits and the easy way to paint the bait is powderpaint them. You can also paint them with airbrush or spray cans all work. Some I am making now I put a thin coat of epoxy on sprinkle on glider and then put another thin coat of epoxy on.Add some prism tape and your all set .Just depends on what you are looking for. These I make I made the mold and make my own inserts. I wanted something nobody else had. It took alot of fooling around with molds and blades but it is worth it when somebody says what did you catch them on. Or where can I get that bait.Well getting back to your question if you use paint like airbrush or spray cans I would sand the blade alittle then use a white primmer then spray your colors on then seal with epoxy.Hope this helps

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