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What type of paint to use?

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Hey lure buddy, I'm a rattle can man and don't own an airbrush but I see a lot of folks here are using Createx paints. Do a search of past posts and I think you'll find a wealth of paint info. Hope this helps.


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dj is correct. Do a search on Createx and you will find more info than you need. C-tex is already thinned for your airbrush. I would suggest going to your local hobby shop and at least get a few basic colors of C-tex. You can also use the cheaper acrylic paints from Wal-Mart but you will have to thin them. If you already have some C-tex you will know about how thin you need it. Windex is good to thin with. Also use a paint filter or an old pair of your wife's panty hose to strain the cheaper paint.

You asked about "vinyl", I think you will find the general concensus on here will be to use acrylic. It is water based and easy to clean up. Use a top coat of devcon and you are set.

Hope this helps.

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