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Any ideas of modifications on design?

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Looks nice! I doubt anyone can suggest improvements unless they fish it and see how it floats and spits. What's critical is how YOU want it to work. Personally, I like mine to spit more than chug and sit in the water at about 40-45 degrees. Looks like your lip angle will do that. Throw it out there and see if the bass applaud :)

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That One's Beautiful !!! If You Want To Try Somthing Different You Could Put A Single Trailer Hook Pointing Up For The Back Hook, With A Bucktail Or Flash Like You Have. I Rarely Catch Fish On The Back Hook If Its A Treble, And Almost Never On A Single Hook Pointing Down. When The Single Hook Points Up I Catch Much More On The Back!! Much Like On A Leadhead Swimbait Minnow. Your Lure Looks Perfect !!!!!

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