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tired of epoxie questions? one more

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I always apply two and sometimes three coats. Always apply within the manufacturers re coat times though otherwise the coats will not blend into each other and you will end up with two or three 'seperate' coatings.


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I've found that muskies can easily bite through two coats so I always use 3 or more on those baits.

The thickness of multiple coats might be an issue on smaller baits because it may affect the action.

You may have to experiement with a few.

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I use Devcon I think. And I am worried about too much affecting the action.

Find out what type of epoxy it is. If it is Devcon, make sure it is Devcon 2 Ton. If you are using Devcon and making a crankbait there is no need to use more than one thin coat (not a thinned coat). The strength of a crankbait should come from the sealer in your bait and under the paint, not the topcoat. If you make surf or musky baits then put on all you want to.

Here comes the information that will answer so many questions.

If you have more questions on epoxy then fire away. Just don't ask what epoxy is best to use.

Actually I think it might be a good time to start a thread with What's the best epoxy and how do I use it. Could you do it for us Donnie? If your question doesn't get a direct answer thats OK.

That might get some of the Senior Members back on the keyboards. Thanks to the Senior Members that are staying active, and thanks for all the past contributions from the dormant Senior Members (check in with us guys). Shhh The fish are on the beds.

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