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The new formula is great but still drips off when applied as heavily as we need it. It does start to tack up much faster than the original formula however and it also goes on very clear with little or no bubbles or cloudiness. It also has uv protection.

I've asked the guys if they can make a formula that will be applied thick and not drip off and it may be coming. I was really hoping that this mixture would be like that but it needs to be applied in several very thin coats in order not to drip off.

I have fund that if I mix up the amount I need then pour it onto wax paper to let it have time to thicken, it will work better for coating baits.

The last time I tried using it I let it sit for 50 minutes before applying it with a brush and it worked pretty good with minimal dripping off.

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Snax , does this stuff harden like 2 ton ,like a rock or is it a little flexable like etex. have you tried pouring them and testing it. I like the etex more than the 2 ton.

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