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Cheap my butt!!! You know how many sandwiches I will have to make before my Mayo is gone!!! Thats alot of bread ham and cheese!! Plus I already got high Colerestrol..So after I eat all those sandwiches then I will have to go to the Doctor! and my co pay is 20 percent!! So I figure in long run I would be better off just buying one already made!!!



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Hey Rookie

Don't just look at the jar of Mayo, it's sorta like a zen thing, you know is the glass half empty or half full. Ya gotta look at the big picture:

1. you get to make some great sandwiches

2. the doctor tells you your cholesterol is high and you have a co-payment that's an easy fix, your gonna need some gauze pads for the airbrush cleaner

and your already at the doctor's office and sitting in the little room waiting and waiting and waiting for the doctor to come, amuse yourself by checkiing the cabinets and remember always get more than your co payment, it's an unwritten rule what can I say.

3. the doctor is gonna tell you exercise, get the old heart rate up, get some fresh air. what better way to do all that than going fishing and the excitement of a biggun chasing a lure that you just made and painted.

4. the wife can't get on you about eating right, just tell her you learned your lesson, besides the jars empty now.

5. she can't get on you about fishing, doctor's orders.

6. when she wants you to stay home more no problem. stay home and make some more lures you don't want to waste all the time you've invested making that cheap airbrush cleaner.

7. the doctors visit is tax deductible anyway, the gauze ends being FREE.

Hey it's a WIN WIN situation.:wink::yay:

Hopefully this will move you from THE ROOKIE right on up to THE AMATEUR.:lol:

Glad I could help


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Hey Landor,

Beautiful man, now that was a classic for sure. I loved it. What a great attitude and outlook on life (not to mention the tip on the 'free' gauze pads). The Big Picture, eh?

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