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Lenox2k    10

For those that like to turn their own Wood Lures. What are the prefered Sizes of a Blanks do you Like to start with? What Types of woods have you found the best to work with? I know a lot about turning Pens, Bottle stoppers, and other small items and there are prefered sizes to start with.

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BobP    832

Most of my crank bodies are 2 - 2 1/2" long and are not turned on a lathe. Type of wood depends on the action and bouyancy you're looking for. For hardwood cranks, my favorite is basswood. It has almost no grain effect, is consistent in density and sands smooth as butter. It sands at a moderate rate that makes it easy to maintain discipline while shaping. For shallow baits where more bouyancy is important, balsa is king. But it takes care not to overwork it while shaping/sanding and unless you use a hard grade of balsa, you need to use through-wire construction, epoxy undercoating, etc to reinforce the bait and make it durable. If you're talking about minnow baits/jerk baits, the most popular bass size is probably 4.5 - 5 inches. JMHO, the best ones are a balancing act: length/diameter/ballast. One of the most successful bass minnows is the Smithwick Suspending Pro Rogue, at 4.5", with an oval cross section and weighing around .42 oz with 3 ea #6 trebles.

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