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Hey guys, I know that there are a lot of forums on sealer, but i have a few questions on the process. I bought a sanding sealer to seal my basswood lures, which should dry in about 2 hrs time. Should I let the lures soak, or just dip them a few times and let dry? I think i remember someone saying they used a pvc pipe with a cap to fill with sealer and soak the lures in?? Any suggestions on time of soak etc will be appreciated.


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When I was making lures and selling them I used to put a heap in a large jar with the sealer and "vacuum" the jar. Warning; the vacuum must be made with a diaphram pump NOT a vacuum cleaner or similar as the fumes will be drawn through the motor armature and cause ignition of the fumes, with obvious results.

Removing the air from the jar (lowering the pressure) causes the air pressure in the wodden blanks to also lower, which draws the sealer below the surface of the blank and giving the blank an excellant seal.

When doing this you will see huge amounts of air bubbling out of the blanks, which will be replaced with sealer. A 12 volt diaphram type air bed pump makes a good one - just reverse the hose so it is sucking instead of blowing. I could marry something like that!!!

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