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I am new to painting baits and air brushes so with that in mind I was wandering if anyone has any good advice or links on topics such as techniques, type of paints, sealers, clear coats, and so on.


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This is a FAQ thread that might help some.

Most of it looks like sealer information but that is a good start. Start with a rock solid foundation to paint on and you will get your best results.

As far as paints, Water based paints are a good start. You should search createx and see what has the most responses in hardbaits.

Here is the Createx search.

Here is a airbrush search.

Here is the scale pattern search.

All of this should give you a few nights of reading. It won't answer every question you have (or it might), but it will give you enough info to ask more specific questions that are easier to answer.

Welcome to TU.

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