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Hello Guys,

I am a new member to TU. I make topwater plugs (chuggers and prop baits). I am looking for chopper prop blades, the kind on woodchopper baits. I have found some at Stamina, but they are huge, about twice as big as the ones on woodchoppers. Has anyone seen a source for these? I am also looking for the cork only like the ones on popping cork rigs (usually used in saltwater) I want to make my own rigs. I just like to "tinker". I enjoy this thread, you guys have some wonderful info floating around here. Thanks for looking, and any help

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Welcome from SC.

I am sure a few of the guys on here can help you find them. COUNTER BLADES #1

Not an exact chopper blade but they work good on the rear of a 5" bait.

This is what Barlow's has.

Good luck,

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