Looking for a Rattle Trap Color

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Hello all.I am looking for a Pattern on Bill Lewis Rattle Trap.

The Pattern is #114 Pumpkin Seed or Maybe it is Pumpkin.

I have looked through all my Bill Lewis literature back to 2002 as well as search the net and cant come up with anything.

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, Blades

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Fairly good pics of the color. The color is much "deeper" in appeaance when viewed in person. Also it fades to a brown copper on the back (sort of like a dirty penny color). The smaller traps are lighter usually with the larger having deeper tones. The larger traps look like a little black is faded from the head to fin.

Cabelas, Special Limited Edition, Volume 2 has the color in it. It is the hardback catalouge the put out in 2003-2004. Also I think they changed the color code it was 063 in that edition. The Rattle Trap site has a small pick of 114. I think the colors seem to change slightly over the years. Some years it is more copper, then gold, and sometimes a deep amber color.

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