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Reading these threads got me thinking..If any of you want cardboard boxes in quantity, you might try Duerr Packaging near Pittsburgh,Pa.. They make boxes for the candy industry, a variety of sizes available.. The company I work for prints the box wrappings for Duerr.. I do know they make custom sizes too or choose from their standard sizes posted on the website.. Photos on the site show plain boxes & ones with pre-printed wrapping already on them, altho that service is expensive as thats were my company comes in.. They also have cardboard boxes with the cellophane type clear plastic thin lid tops just like Lure companies use.. I dont know if those are on the site, but they do supply them, as we print the side box labels for them.. ~Print labels yourself at home, its much cheaper!~

You'll need to read below the box photos for sizes available,most wont work for lures, but some of the standard sizes will make nice lure boxes.. And as stated they'll make custom boxes in any size.. The link I posted is just one of several pages of boxes they supply, explore the site, you may find something you can use..


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