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Mathematical modeling and pure science of lure design

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VodkaMan, I remember the old thread and that was a mess, but I kept reading it. Curiosity I guess. Your input on this board has been valuable and opened up many discussions and new thoughts.

About the hunting thing. Are you saying that you have it so you will be able to reproduce a bait with a hunting action (predictably unpredictable) every time? (I can reproduce a bait with a predictable Death Roll every time:wink: ). If you make all baits that hunt the fish will get tired of it and look for something else. Lets keep it at 5%-8% of quality handmade baits that can hunt for the sake of the fish.

As far as computer testing baits. What crankbait manufacturer comes to mind? :? The Berkley Frenzy.


"Working closely with leading Tour pros, Berkley

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Now that I know 3 of people that consider the Berkley Frenzy to be their "Go To Baits" I should revise my prior comments.

New statement for December 19, 2007.

I don't know of anyone that considers the Roland Martin Helicopter Lure to be their "Go To Bait". Soon to be revised


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