Crankbait color recipe wanted

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I am looking for the correct color recipe for the following crankbait.

Bandit 200 Series # 242L Old light. From what i was told, Bandit quit making this color a year or so ago and I cant find it anywhere. Luckily I have 2 that are in good shape and 1 that is still in the box. Bandit does have a new Old Light but the number for it is 241. The difference is that the 242 has a red fading into pink on the belly and the new one, # 241 is yellow. I have tried to paint a 241 to look like the 242 but I cant get the color correct. I was going to just strip it down and airbrush it but I need the base, mid and top coat color combinations. If anyone has this, please let me know..


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