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I am new here and only posted a couple of times-excellent site with heaps of info. I have just finished re-educating myself, by reading 64 pages of past posts. One thing that comes up a bit is "Matt finishing baits". There is a product you can buy, called "matt base", it is used in spray enamels, polyeurothanes etc to matt these finishes. Over many years I have used talcum powder (talc) which you can buy at hobby shops/ resin suppliers etc .Mix @ about a tablespoon to a pint, the more you use the flatter it gets. I suggest you don't use your wife's "Rouge" or body talc, as it may have oils/perfumes in it. I have never used it in a dipped, slow drying top coat , such as Devcon, I have only ever sprayed it. If using a slow curing coat I suggest you turn it until it is cured, otherwise the talc which is slightly heavier, will gravitate to the lowest point and you will finish up with a gloss/matt bait.

A rough definition of "Matt" is any gloss with minute grains protruding above the skin of the finish, this stops the finish from reflecting light (as in a full gloss finish), so our eyes trick us and we see matt.

An old rule in finishing- and it does not matter weather it is schelac, epoxy or propionate- "The matter a finish is the softer it is, or the glossier a finish, the tougher it is".

Keep this in mind when you think of the teeth chewing on it.

Anyway, try it on a piece of scrap and see if it is what you MATT enthusiests need. Pete

P.S- "Matt Base" is just Talc mixed with the appropiate medium-water, thinners or turps, etc etc and charged for accordingly $$$. Pete

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