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Hey guys,

I'm new to this board, but not new to making my own lures. I have widdled many baits, but due to my lack of research many of them are failures.

What are some tools you guys use to widdle the body of your baits? I just have a simple craft saw and it does the job so so, but I'm wondering if there is anything quicker and more precise?

Also, how do you guys make your own acrylic lips? I have cut some carfully with a rotor tool, but it never comes out too neat and even with sanding, it seems a little rough.

Thanks for any tips i'll be sure to post some pictures of my lures when I get them done!



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Various ways get it done. Many use a band saw or a scroll saw to cut out the blank, then shape it with a Dremel sanding cylinder. For clear lips, most guys use polycarbonate (aka Lexan) which is very tough stuff - much better than acrylic plastic. Get it at a home center or a glazier's. I trace a lip outline, do a rough cut out with tin snips, then sand down to an exact line with a Dremel sanding cylinder. Mark your hardware positions, ballast position, and cut your lip slot while the blank is still "square" so you'll get a straight running bait. Read some of the tutorials and posts here on TU for lots of detailed info.

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