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jeremy airey

Super (Ulua/GT) tough Poppers

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Hi Chaps

Is there any way to make GT/Ulua tough connections without using a 'through wire'.

I'm asking this because it is a pain in the RRRRs to drill for this 'at home', I mean to make about 25/30 lures.

I'll be using a very hard wood such as sappele mahogony for the bodies and the baits will be BIG poppers.

Any help appreciated


Jeremy Airey

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Have you tested this wood yet because before you make 25 baits up I have done extensive wood testing with making popper type baits and the softer the wood the better. Hard wood baits don't float real high and tend to dive on the retrieve. A real soft wood seems to give a better action. Hope I have been of help and if your making bass poppers you have no need to make wire through construction. Just drill holes and use 20 guage wire make your own hook eye's and use devcon to epoxy them in. I prommise you will be fine. I made a popper for a guy this spring and he caught quite a few fish this summer with no problems. I started doing this with all my cranks too I caught a 4 1/2 pounder this summer on one so the epxoy holds the wire in pretty good.

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