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Fishing hot spots pro map card for Lowrance and Eagle

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I just ordered my new Fishing hot spots pro card east for my new GPS unit. I did my homework and searched high and low on the net for weeks. I just wanted to let everyone know that is in the market for one that I finally ended up buying it at http://www.provantage.com/

The price was 54.99 and I had to pay tax since I live in Ohio so with shipping and tax it came to around $67.

The only downfall to the whole deal is they ship from the factory so it took about a week to get here but hey I'll save $35 even if I have to wait a week.

I watched several on ebay and you have to watch because most of the cards on there are the elite cards (last years) the pro is the newest version and just released in april 07

I am not trying to push this company for any reason on my behalf. I had a good dealing with them and I thought I would pass the word along for anyone looking for one.

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I believe the difference is more maps and more detail. I haven't got my new unit installed yet to check everything out yet. All my hard copies of hot spot maps cost me but they are fairly close as to being the same. If I had the elite I would not have bought the pro but I am going to compare them side by side to check the difference. I am sure there is someone here that is much more experienced with the cards than I am I was just hoping to save someone a headache and some money if they were in the market for one.

I have the east version the elite contains 544 lakes and the pro contains 804 lakes and I guess it has more maps with the enhanced detail.

hope this helps

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I figured more detail would be what was said, and I don't see how that can be, unless they are changing the data from silted in creek channels, etc.

These maps are what I figure are different, with perhaps a few that are not for free, but I could be wrong!

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