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Which paint to use?

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I make leadheads and I want to paint them.

I want a shinny appearance and durable finish against chips.

I have a fluid bed and still trying to get good results with powder paint. Trying not to get too much paint that fills the eyelets.

I also have a paint booth to spray.

So I guess my main question is:

Is Component Systems vinyl paint the best way to go? Also, after the white base coat and then the color, do you need to clear coat?


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Powder paint would seem to be the obvious choice for your requirements. Which colors are giving you problems? Some of the colors (black, esp) are pretty sensitive to preheat temperature. You might try a batch preheated quite a bit lower than the suggested temps (maybe 250-300). Make sure you clean out your hook eyes before curing the paint.

Vinyl does require at least one layer of clear to get a good shiny finish. Fairly durable, but much less durable than powder paint. Spraying vinyl works well on spinnerbaits, but dipping is usually quicker for leadheads. Fumes are a problem, and it can also really gunk up an airbrush.

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Thanks Dave,

so it sounds like maybe I shouldn't give up on the powder yet.

I want the powder paint to work because I have several to paint

The size of jigs I am trying to powder paint is 1/2 oz and 1 oz flat grub heads. I started out with flame red, then went to yellow chartruease. I purchased a couple of oven therometers. I placed one on the bottom and hung one from the top of the oven, so I could try to control the temp more acturately. The temp dosen't seem to flucuate much.

When I go with 350 temp preheat and dip in the fluid bed the parts are not covered fully, kind a like orange peel. Then when I put them in the oven and bake at 400 they don't flow out at all, and at 400 pre heat, it fills the eyelets, and runs or drips. I guess that means 375.

It seems like it always takes a while to get the hang of it. I'll be trying again tomorrow, I'm about to run out of laquer thinner taking paint off of rejects. :)

So thats why I thought I'd spray some to keep things going until I get the hang of powder paint.

I have an air brush and I thought it had too small of a tip, but after what you said makes sense, it doesn't put out very much paint.

I have a regular spay gun with the cup on top but haven't tried it yet.

Thanks again for the info :!:

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Guest Anonymous

I would use dip powder paints...Vinyl sound great, but it hogs air brushes, is a pain to clean, expensive, and the results are not as attractive as the powder finishes.

My opinion only.

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