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I've been experimenting again lately.

I'm adding coats of envirotex over some of my older baits to spiffy them up a bit and cover hook rash and tooth marks. Some need "resealing" after several encounters with rocks and stumps or musky teeth or both.

So far, I've seen no downside or ill-effects to this. I can add a relatively thinner coat with the etex as opposed to adding another coat of Devcon. This could help avoid adding any additional bulk to the bait, or risk the potential for fogging, which Devcon seems to exhibit on occasion during hotter weather or certain humidity conditions.

Without question, I like certain characteristics of both (PLEASE, let's not debate which is best. I know we all have a preference, but this is not an "either/or" question).

I like the flexibility of the etex and I consider that a superior feature for sealing around the hook hangers and line tie on musky baits...which are subject to extreme flexing and stresses when trolling and hooking fish. Devcon is clearly harder, but is more brittle and prone to cracking off near and around those delicate areas of the bait under high stress situations.

I'm considering building baits with two coats of Devcon and three coats of etex, or some other ratio/combination so that I can take advantage of the postive properties of both mediums.

My question is... do any of you have any longer term experience with laying one over the other?

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I'm sure I have done this at some point but don't have any great success stories to share with you. So long as their isn't adhesion problems between the two it seems like you would be fine. I would personally put the etex down first because of problems I had with Devcon coming off in large chunks once it got a crack in it.

I tried some Devcon tonight on a lure for the first time in probably two years. For some reason the stuff set up on me rock hard in like 5 minutes! I went back and checked the package......30 minute 2 ton so I'm not sure what happened other than maybe it's just too hot outside...in the 90's.


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