Jointed Walleye Cranks

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The Walleye are hummin here right now so I got the urge to build some Walleye style cranks last week. They are 3 3/4", 1/2 oz. out of cedar.The first picture is of the baits, and the next four are my son and myself with some of the better results of the weekend with decent Walleye and bonus Pike and Smallmouth. All caught long line trolling at a bout 2 mph. These particular baits have great action at that speed. The close up of me unhooking the pike shows what they could do to a bait with those teeth (thats why I use Devcon)....all smallmouth were released, walleye and pike were dinner lol.......The silver foil and the craw color were the most productive both days with 20+ fish landed each day.






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It's great when a plan comes together like that. Very nice bunch of fish!

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