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Hey guys,

just a thought here, was at my little ones camp jamboree this evening and one of the things they got to do was carve up a bar of soap into anything they wanted, each kid got a bar of soap and a popsickle stick. The parents were also encouraged to participate. i carved out a goldfish, like the one on the goldfish crackers, it came out ok considering the primative tools.

I thought about the amazing baits I have seen on here and wondered if any of you could carve a crankbait out of a bar of soap....

Now on to the challenge...carve a crankbait out of a bar of soap, use whatver you want to carve or wittle, paint it if you like or can??? I'll wait 2 weeks, best looking soap bait and most comments(posted in gallery) will get some free custom soft plastics from exchange for the soap carved crankbait of course

Is it doable? can you paint soap? originality is a big plus, if you can't paint them that's fine, just thought it might be something to kill some time and see how creative this group can be..whata ya say?..any takers?

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Unfortunatly im not a great fan of soap, lol, but did you know that the commercial catfishermen on lake Okachobee use zote soap for bait !! Maybe thats a good soap to start with. They say it has the highest fat content. I know its cheap you can find it at .99 cent stores. Good luck !

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