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Hey guys, i'm new here. I'm waiting on a catalog from Stamina to arrive. In the meantime, can somebody guide me in the right direction of what to buy and what not to buy? I'm a little confused with wooden popper bodies, how i attach the hooks to them? Do I use the screweyes for that? Any advice or recomendations for making wooden plugs and poppers would be of great help.

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First of all, Welcome to the site of higher learning.:whistle: You could use screw eyes for your line tie and hook hangers...or you could get some SS wire and twist your own and epoxy them in. The overall look of the lure and species of fish should have a factor in determining that.

If you have'nt tried it yet jump on the Search section at the top of the screen and use key words to locate info....plenty of reading and a lot of your ??? will most likely be answered there. If you have any ?? or unsure about something there is a lot of talent on here that is very willing to help you out.

Have fun....E

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