any info on a crank??

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willie525    10

i have a old (or apears to be) crankbait.on the belly it sais"millsite wig wag".Its red with silver stripes.about 2in long. metal lip.

i found it one day by going thru my grandfathers old boxes, he gave it to me. it was in pretty good condition. just needed new hooks. so 2 #6 gamkatsus later it went to they lake 3 cast later, BAM 2 1/2 lbr. thats the only fish ive caught on it. it sat in my tackle box for a year.

it has a nice wide sweeping wobble. but waaaaay out of tune.i diddnt know how to tune then so now it works. im planning on taking it back on the fort(it ur from east tennesse you know what that is).

i would like any info,

thanks, willie 525

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Vodkaman    890


I much prefer your new avatar.

Could you post a pic of the lure, I'm sure many members would be interested.

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Lure--Prof    11


Millsite began making lures around 1915. I would hazard a large guess and say that the Wig Wag, made of tenite plastic in the size you have and a 3 inch with a deeper style lip, was made in the late 1940's, or early 50's. I don't know how long they were in business after the mid 50's.

Be real careful with those lures from Grandpa's box. Keep the old hooks, and if you have any old lure boxes keep them also (in a stable environment). Take pains not to lose them or tear them up if you fish with them because some day you will kick yourself if you're careless with them, I promise! These are antiques, your grandfather bought them for probably aroung a dollar or so, when a dollar would buy you 4 gallons of gas (plus get your oil checked and your windshield cleaned by a smiling attendant who would thank you), 8 loaves of bread, and at least 10 cokes out of the cooler. I believe in using lures for the job they were made for, but they're not making any more of these, and it would be a real shame to lose any of them, for when you are my age, 54, those will be 100 years old, at least. And it's cool you caught a fish it!


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jawjacker    12

willie take deans advice and be real careful not to loose that crankbait u maybe sorry in the longrun remember i collect crankbaits like that and u have seen me at the shows in knoxville and what u dont know is under my table are antique crankbaits that other vendors had out for sale and i got to them before anyone else had the chance to see what was in the show i have been collecting crankbaits longer than u have been alive just ask ur dad he has seen me looking for along time and sometimes u will luck up and find something that is very valuable and thats what makes all the looking worth while:yeah: so be careful with the taclke in ur grandads box they may be worth more than u think:yay: see you on the fort

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