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Well after Muskie fishing for 20 yrs or so I think I'm ready to take the plunge and design and build my own wood Muskie baits. I figured this would be a great place to ask a few questions.I have some great ideas I just need a little help getting started. I have a wood lathe, air brush and quite a bit of determination.

1. Do you guys draw your baits out on paper? If so what kind of tools and equipment do you use to accomplish this?

2. What kind of wood do you suggest and where do you normally get it? Please note that these will be used for trolling for the big boys so it will have to be hard.

3. Where do you guys buy your lexan lips, eyes, and other hardware?

Any tips,tricks,shortcuts,ideas for homemade tools,or housethings that help with painting would be greatly appreciated.

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One Of The Best Tools I've Used Is A Mini Planer. I Also Build Large Muskie Lures And The Planer Works Great For Shaping The Lures. The Only Wood I've Used So Far Is Ceader. I Buy Clear Ceader 2x4's, Draw The Lure Shape On The Wood, Cut It To The Size I Want,and Shape It With The Planer. Works Good For Me.

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