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Hello all, I have used this site from time to time and last winter got into pouring plastics with the help of you guys. I use to make topwater bass prop baits when I lived back home and had a lathe to work on. I have since gotten into musky fishing and want to try to make some topwater baits. I have searched the old sites that I use to buy hardware for bass plugs, but can't find the over sized props ect.. for musky lures. I can't find the tail spinners at all, maybe that is something you all make your selves. I am going to order some wire and large buzz bait blades to get me started. Can you all point me in the right direction for finding other hardware. Any advise on making these lures would also be extremely helpful. I am going home in a few weeks and planning on getting the old lathe out and trying to turn a few. thanks again.

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