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First I want to say thanks to all the great info from everyone. So I bought a VERY cheap airbrush, some applebarrel paints and a few scotch brite pads for sanding. I am going to take an old crank and lightly sand then mask off lip and eyelets. Now spray a white base layer on then some colors finishing off with either devcon 2t or spar urethane If I use the epoxy I need to turn the crank by hand for 20-30 mins If I use the spray can of urethane do I turn? If all this sounds even close to being right let me know. If I am missing something important also let me know. I have never painted or created anything before. But my love for fishing has sparked this intrest in me. I am not looking to make money or be on the pages of any magazine, I just want to make baits and catch that first bass on something I did!!! Thanks for all the help.

P.S. When I said cheap I mean cheap it takes air in a can. If I find that I love to do this then I will be getting the better equipment..

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