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I need to do some extensive modifications to a few old Hardbaits made out of Butyrate.

Any of you guys ever used this?

If i cut one of these baits in half I want to make sure I can weld it back together and know that it will hold up.

I know I can use acetone and other solvents to weld plastic but was hoping there was a "miracle" cement out there somewhere. I dont want to buy a sonic welder either.

Any info is appreciated.

Kindest Regards, Blades

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I've used Oatey PVC cement with good results but I don't know what kind of plastic I was joining (it was a Spook). It comes in 2 cans, a primer and the glue. The primer can be either clear or dyed with purple dye. The dye is so you (and the building inspector) can see whether the joint was primed. Don't buy that type because the dye will bleed through your paint job. Otherwise, the stuff works great and is fast. About 10 secs to bond solid and 1 hr to finished strength on PVC water pipes.

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