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For those of you that make musky baits, or any baits for that matter, VMC makes two new in-line trebles, #5680 in #2, #4 and #6 and 5686 that go all the way to 5/0. The hooks are in-line with the shaft so it promotes more hookups, less hook rash and you don't have to "T" your own hooks. They come Bronze, perma steel and black nickel. I just got some 4/0 and they are awesome, cone cut point and very sharp. If you have a tax ID number or business license, you can buy them in bulk from VMC's maufacturer's catalog. They are definitely worth a look. Cabela's just started carrying them, but they are much cheaper wholesale through VMC.


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Thanks for the tip; ordered some from Cabelas to check them out. I don't worry about rash on my custom baits but it's irksome to buy $15 Lucky Crafts and have them trashed in a few days fishing. BTW, I like the VMC Permasteel on freshwater baits. They're a nice dull silver color that goes well with white belly lures and they come sticky sharp, which is unusual for saltwater trebles. I put them on all my saltwater baits that carry trebles too, especially Tsunami jerk jiggers.

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