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If you want a tough wakebait you want hardwood. Even strongly reinforced balsa will not be as tough as hardwoods. Balsa has a standard density of 11, basswood 23, and paulownia 16. I built a 7" double jointed wakebait a few months ago out of paulownia and the guy who uses it likes it a lot. It weighs 1 1/4 oz with 3 #2 trebles and has the basic shape and lip design of a stretched Bomber King Shad swimbait, which I feel is a good shad profile. It seems most important to get the lip angle right on a wakebait. I put that one at about 80 degrees, almost vertical, and it swims on top beautifully. I feel cedar or basswood would be acceptable if you can't get your hands on some paulownia (which can be hard to find).

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