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Depends what paint you are using and what green you start with !! BUT start with a bright green and add bright yellow in small amounts with maybe a little (tiny) white until you get the color. If you want advacado mix a small amount (seperatly) of 1 part black and 3 part red which should give you a very dark brown, add a touch (tiny amount) of this to the green /yellow mix and you should finish close to advacado. Its hard pulling it out of your head, but when you have been mixing colors for a while (35 yrs) you can look at most colors and just know what makes what without even thinking about it. This formula is probably not going to be what you want , but should be close, so from there you will have to fiddle with it- lighten with bright yellow (not white). Hope this is in the ballpark, it's 11.00 pm here and I don't want to go out to the shed, in the cold to prove it. Good luck .Pete

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