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I'm not saying that the guys on here don't matter, but what is our real goal?

This is what it is all about.


Here is the short story. I received a USPO delivery notice Friday, and was told the package could be picked it up Saturday. I wasn't expecting any items in the mail. Saturday (yesterday) arrives and I had forgotten about the package till about 5 min. prior to the Post Office closing (and I was on my way to the lake). I decided to stop by and see what had arrived. It was a package form over seas with all types of customs marks and foregin labels. I didn't see the name right off of who had sent it either. I was reading all the markings and then when I saw it was from Romania, I knew it was from ROFISH. I opened the package and started to look through the items and found some of the materials he uses to make his lures.

One of the packets in the box had a dozen of the most uniquely made in-line spinners I have ever seen. All the parts look to be handmade and the blades look to be cut and formed from sheet brass and other metals.

Next was more lure building items like special diving lips and other items.

Then I found a piece of white paper wrapped around 5 of his hand made minnow style crankbaits. My mouth dropped open because I had not expected to receive anything like this. There was still 2 wads of paper in the box and each of those had 5 more baits in them. Unbelievable.

I thought the best Thank You I could send ROFISH was a picture of an American Largemouth Bass choking on a Romanian handmade crankbait. So I took 2 crankbaits and 2 in-line spinners and my camera to the lake. I threw the baits for about 10 min. each and not a fish. So I went to my Summer time confidence baits of a shaky head and then a finesse worm. Caught a couple of fish on each over the next 2 hours. On the way back to the dock I thought if I couldn't show him a fish I caught with his bait I should at least take a few photos to show him I was testing the baits. So that is what these are.

Check the way this one sits in the water.


The action is a very balanced, yet erratic when fished like a jerkbait, and has a steady wobble on a straight retrieve.


After I took the photos I thought I should give it one more cast from the dock before the trip back home and that is when I caught the fish in the top photos. I started to fish it like a jerkbait and this one crushed it after the third set of twitch, twitch, twitch, pause. I had been fishing it on a steady retrieve on the other attempts and I think I have it working now (twitch, twitch, twitch, pause).

In Romania it really is like we say here on TU, All Custom All The Time. They don't have a Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, or any of the places we us to find supplies. I hope ROFISH will tell about some of the steps he goes through to build a bait and what he uses for supplies or where he finds them.

If you are ever lucky enough to own a Romanian Handmade lure and understand the steps it took to build it. Then as a builder yourself, you will realize you own a true piece of art.

Thank you,

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this is extraordinary, being a friend of Rofish and seeing his lures appreciated overseas. As Palmetto said in Ro we don't have a Wal-Mart and it's very difficult building lures especially when it comes about "long lasting ones" so, I'm going to use this topic to say THANK YOU PALMETTO AND ROFISH, and let it be no secret that Palmetto helped us (although he didn't know till now - that I received some ) with lure building materials that can improve the work of a builder when going for a 5 stars lure.

Way to go Rofish ;)

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Well, I think you would not believe me if I say I am not glad that at least one of my lures can catch fish in the USA.

What Palmetto Balsa forgot to mention, is that the lures I make could not look so good without the quality materials he sent me.

And of course, I have to thank many people on TU, for their ideas. Husky for the printing foil technique, Fatfingers for his idea of bending lips, LaPala from whom I think I got some passion for lures, and many others.

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Great Job Rofish, :worship:

This should make all the guys in countries with access to everything we need more appreciative. I could'nt imagine having to make my own components....too lazy I guess :eek:

Kudos on the beautiful work !!!

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Awesome!! that bait looks amazing! I cant imagine putting a bait together like that. And even better to have the satisfaction of sticking a nice fish on its maden swim! Excellent story!

On a side note of my own experience I was lucky enough to be provided a 5-star rating on my panfish swimbaits recently.


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