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What do folks use for the wire line ties and hook hangers and what keeps them from pulling out of the soft wood? Apparently I'm supposed to add a belly weight to these balsa lures. How do I go about that? If anybody knows how to put a line tie out on the lip of the bait that would be helpful information as well. Thanks everyone.

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Most builders use a through wire construction when working with balsa, this eliminates the problem of ‘pull out’. This is achieved by building the lure in two halves or splitting the lure with a sharp knife. Personally I dig a channel with a dremel drill cutting bit and fill the slot with epoxy or wood filler. But I advise you to follow the majority, they have the skills and experience of producing quality lures.

It is a good idea to keep the hanger wire between the line eye and the hook eyes as straight a possible. This will eliminate any stress to the lure body under a heavy load.

Many use soft stainless steel wire, some even use brass. Soft SS wire can easily be bent into shape by hand or simple tools.

Most builders drill a hole for the ballast weight and fill with epoxy for security and finish with a wood filler for ease of shaping. The ballast position is fairly critical to the baits operation and you should do some reading to decide what is best.

Recently a very good thread was written on the subject of hangers, try word searches; hanger, stainless, brass, ballast, wire.

Here's a few links to start you off:

Hope this helps, Good luck.

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