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Any hobby shop would have it , they spray model cars etc with it- Try a search here- or look up 'Fatfingers' threads, he is THE guru of enamels.Pete

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I don't know about being a guru, but I do strongly favor enamels over water-based paints for a grocery list of reasons.

You can use Testor's, which is available in hobby shops, etc.

Thin it with automotive reducer. I use "medium" automotive reducer. Its available where auto paint supplies are sold.

Clean up is done with laquer thinner. Both are NASTY and require very adequate ventilation and the use of surgical gloves.

However, the enamels render a wider spectrum of shading and colors (in my opinion), dry quicker, are less prone to "runs" and drips, and come in different colors than acrylics.

There are several dozen other brands of enamels besides Testor's and I'm experimenting with the purchase and use of those now, but don't have enough info to post on those other brands yet. The other brands are infinitely less expensive than Testor's and come in more colors and larger quantities for a fraction of the cost. Testor's works fine though.

I thin my enamels with one part of medium reducer and two parts paint. You can vary that formula slightly depending on what you're doing but that'll get you going.

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