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I use a 1/8 hp Badger with auto cutoff, 40 psi sustained pressure. Works well. There are inexpensive Chinese compressors on Ebay but their sustained pressure is a minimal 15 psi (half their 30 psi max pressure). Take a look at dixieart.com for a variety of choices. Lots of guys use small tool compressors, some around $100. They're not small compared to airbrush compressors however. If you plan to use it in the house and have a family, noise is a big consideration. Most compressors tend to be loud. So you need to narrow it down by asking yourself: how loud, how small, and how much you're willing to spend.

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If there is a Hobby Lobby nearby, go look at the ones they sell. They have a 40% off coupon every two weeks or so. One I looked at is reg priced at $240 or so but it can be right at your feet and you could still carry on a conversation. I'll get the brand name today when I stop in. I went the cheap rout and have the comp in another part of the basement. Sounds like a jackhammer. The one I saw at the store has a piston and a tank. I put my finger over the outlet while it was running and under load it is quiet. You get what ou pay for.:yes:

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