Glue For Eye Screws

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Lure--Prof    11
Welcome to the board Scooter, The best thing I know of to glue in screw eyes with is Devcon 2 Ton epoxy. Pick it up at WalMart for a couple bucks a tube.


Same recommendation here Scooter. I know that a lot of guys use the 5 minute for this, but I too prefer the 2-ton. I figure that with its longer set-up time that it will get a better bite into the wood, plus you're also staying away from any potential yellowing/bleeding problems that can happen with the 5-minute. Its longer working time also allows removal from tools for re-use.

Important!! If you're using factory made stainless screw-eyes, be sure to strip them of cutting oil with something like acetone or alcohol before you glue them!!


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Vodkaman    890

Usually the eye installation is one small operation amongst many others. Fitting with slow setting glue I find inconvenient. Also, I like to fit eyes in a sloppy fit hole. The problem can be that the eye moves before the glue sets. With five minute glue, the eye can be 'nursed' in its correct position with little time inconvenience.

I only use 5 min epoxy on hidden parts, hangers, eyes, lips and ballast, so the yellowing is not an issue and I can move on to the next operation.

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fatfingers    80

Rhino glue fm the paint dept at Walmart.

Waterproof, and it slightly expands after it dries so it tightens around the screweye. I plunge a bit into the pilot hole and put the eyescrew in.

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