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Offered by: Fishoey
Price: 550


Hello All!

I just listed this on eBay, and then went cruising through my favorite site (TU) and remembered there was a "classifieds" area I could post to. I'm not 100% sure I can post a small boat here, or if it is just for Fishing Lures. -Admin. just let me know if there is a problem with posting and I'll take it off.- Description Below:

-For Sale-

I am selling an 8ft x 4ft(approx) Pond Prowler and Trailer w/ Extras listed below. I have had the boat since 2004 and it is one of two boats I currently own (I have a modified jon / bass boat). I don't use this boat much (maybe 9-13 times TOTAL in 7 years), so I have decides to sell it to someone who would get more use out of it than I do.

*Endura 55lb thrust Minn Kota Trolling Motor
(will just about plain the boat at full speed)

*(2) Paddles (attached to side of boat)

*Humminbird Mount and Transducer for model:
141C,161,323,325,343C,345c,363,365i,383C,385ci,515,525,535, 550,560,565,570,570 DI,570 Portable,575,580,581i Combo,585C,586C,586c HD,587CI,587ci HD,595C,596C,596c,HD,596c HD DI,597CI,597ci HD,597ci HD DI,717,718,727,728,737,747c,755c,757c,767,768,777c2,778C,785 c2,787c2,787c2I,788C,797c2 SI,797c2I SI,798C,MATRIX 10,MATRIX 12,MATRIX 15,MATRIX 17,MATRIX 20,MATRIX 25,MATRIX 27,MATRIX 35,MATRIX 37,MATRIX 47 3D,MATRIX 55,MATRIX 65,MATRIX 67,MATRIX 77C,MATRIX 87C

*Fire Extinguisher

*Lock/Key For Trailer

*Straps (winch style) for Boat


*Boat Seats

*NEW Black Vinyl Boat Numbers (Not Pictured)

*Plug for boat

-There is an electrical plug inside the front of the boat in case you want to add a trolling motor to the front (manufactured that way).

-I added two screw style plugs to the outside of each "pontoon" at the back of the boat. This was in case I needed to drain rainwater which happen to fill the boat (one time) and seep into the front trolling motor plug mentioned above. It only happened once, and it was about 2-3cups of rainwater, however I didn't want to leave it in the boat.

-The boat is missing a small piece of plastic above the water line (it did not effect the seal and it does not leak). This is strictly a cosmetic issue.

-I have ordered two new caps for the trailer bearings I will put on the trailer before it is sold.

-Trailer has "tilting" capabilities to load and unload the boat, however I never needed to use this feature.

-There is some rust on the trailer and bolts, however it does not affect the use.

If you are interested I will take the boat out to demonstrate for $20 for any potential buyer. If you buy the boat there will be no charge.

PLEASE READ: A Battery and Fish Finder do NOT come with the boat. Just the above mentioned mount and transducer for the Fish Finder.

I do have a registration card for the boat and you will receive a Bill of Sale for the boat and trailer.

Everything is being sold "as is", however I will guarantee and demonstrate it works at the time of purchase.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I live in Leesburg GA. I will consider meeting or delivering for a fee. Thanks!
Submitted: Nov 24 2011 02:48 AM
Last updated: Nov 24 2011 02:48 AM
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