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All Sold But Eyes

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All Sold But Eyes

Offered by: TBaits
Price: Varies


[b]Eyes LOT #1 $15 shipped[/b] NOW $10 shipped REDUCED TO $8 SHIPPED ON 07/26/12
Bears Holographic (8mm?)
Silver, Red & Gold 3 mm
Lurecraft Chart. 5/32 (16 eyes)
Gold, Red, & Silver 8mm

[b]Colorants LOT #2 $26 shipped[/b] SOLD
Delmart 1 oz Bottles
Black ¾ full
Kudzu ¾ full
Green Pump ¾ full
Chart Full
White Full
Red Full
Bears 1 oz Bottles
Marine Blue Full
Bright Yellow Full
Carolina Pump 95% Full
Junebug Full

[b]Glitter, Misc. and Scents LOT #3 $60.00 shipped[/b] SOLD
Delmart 2 oz Bottles .040 95% Full
Red, Silver
Bears 1 oz Bottles .040 Hex 95-100% Full
Purple, Blue, Gold, Kelly Green, Copper, Black
Pearl Powder
[b]Misc. [/b]
[b]ALL FULL[/b]
Copper Powder ¾ oz.
Poly Flake ¾ oz (These have worked perfect in hot plastic)
Red, Blue, Silver Holo, and Gold Holo
Red Powder Coat for Jig Heads
Blue Powder Coat for Jig Heads
Bears 1 oz Bottle All Full
2- Craw, 1 Anise and 1 Garlic

[b]Airbrush and Access. All Brand New LOT #4 SOLD

(I haven't even taken it out of the foam)
Badger Renegade Air Brush w/padded hard case R4VJ Velocity Jet
Badger #50-2011 10 foot Braided Hose
Badger R-0124 PRS Regulator
Badger 51-041 PAC Valve Regulator
Badger 1 oz Needle Juice

[b]Please email me or PM me through this site, because my internet is down at home and I will get emails and PM thru my phone.[/b]
Submitted: Jul 19 2012 12:55 PM
Last updated: Jul 26 2012 01:24 PM
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