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Aluminum Finesse Worm Molds

Attached Image: Ultra finesse worm mold.jpg Attached Image: Ultra finesse worm.jpg

Aluminum Finesse Worm Molds

Offered by: Sinko Baits
Price: See Add


I am selling four (4) Aluminum , 8 cavity, 2 sided hand pour (NOT injected) molds & laminate plates.
These are like the robo worm but FULLY ROUND, not flat one side.
These are in excellent condition and pour easily. Also I have 2 laminate plates for these molds.
I am selling to get the similar mold like them that is injection.
4 molds, 2 laminate plates TYD $300
2 molds and 1 laminate plate TYD $165.
Post first, Then PM. Email sinkobaits@aol.com
CELL# 570 647-9007

Submitted: Oct 03 2014 05:51 AM
Last updated: Oct 03 2014 05:51 AM
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