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Closing down www.stripercandy.com

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Closing down www.stripercandy.com

Offered by: B71Lures
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It's sad that im closing down this place but now family business is doing great. I spend most of the day there so I'm having a hard time finding time and justifying the time and effort making and selling lures. So that being said I am selling all my supplies and keeping a handful of fishing stuff for personal use.

I have listed some of the odds and ends on ebay including a shimano conquest 401 & Shimano cumara rod. Save me because more stuff is going on there soon: My Ebay page: http://www.ebay.com/usr/stripercandy but also liquidating some stuff on my web page http://www.stripercandy.com as of tomorrow so please keep checking. I'll be changing prices tonight and inputting what I have left so I don't over sell.

I'll start adding photos and possibly videos of some of my custom made tools to see if there's anyone inetersted. I will post videos later. Best offers will be listened but will price them out later.
If you are interested you can text me @ 818.648.3869 - Hiro or email me at sales@stripercandy.com

MOST WANTED TOOL - Foot controlled bucktail or fly winder. This is a desired tool by many. Its been through 3 protypes. It can tie from mini jigs though to 8oz. It can be adjusted X Y Z with a 2 axis vise. Manually adjusted Left to right while winding while speed is variable by foot. It cut my bucktail tying time by 50%.

3 port fluid bed with air compressor. Each port can be ran separately or all 3 at one time. It comes with a dozen extra pots to switch out without emptying powder. Pots are a custom 4" radius and 3.75" deep for those big saltwater 12oz jigs.

A customized a drying cabinet for the lures and jig epoxy drying with storage on bottom. I would rather sell this as is than pull it apart. Works wonders with time of drying in the cold or warm months.

I also have a bunch of tools including a Jet mini lathe with multiple tools and different heads.

Dewalt DW625 Router with Kreg Tool Table and Dozens of Router bits in a box.

If you are interested you can text me @ 818.648.3869 - Hiro

Thank you for taking the time to look.
Submitted: May 31 2014 01:53 PM
Last updated: May 31 2014 05:31 PM
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