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Do-It Molds & Powder Paint

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Do-It Molds & Powder Paint

Offered by: Painter1
Price: SOLD


Nine (9)lead molds and Ten (10) jars of powder paint. Only used once for a Canada trip - some not at all.
1.) Bottom Bouncer BTM-5-M
2.) Walking Sinker WS-10-A
3.) Spinner Jig SJ-5R-A
4.) Spinner Jig SJ-3B-L
5.) Keel Weight KWC-4-A
6.) Erie Rig ER-6-A
7.) Swim Jig SWM-3-A
8.) Walleye Jig WHB-7-A
9.) Grave Digger Jig CGD-4
Submitted: Feb 09 2014 08:06 PM
Last updated: Mar 13 2014 05:43 PM
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