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FS: Plastisol, Color, Glitter, Scent

FS: Plastisol, Color, Glitter, Scent

Offered by: Saltfisher
Price: $3-5 per bottle


I made a full list of what is extra from my stock, and selling off some. They will all be in new 1 or 2 oz bottles/containers. $3 per 1oz, and $5 per 2 oz bottle SHIPPED!!! Send me a list of what you guys want, and can get a price together if you want odd oz sizes of colors. The more you buy, the more I can discount. Paypal is saltfisher1024@yahoo.com

1/2 gallon super soft M-F plastisol ($45 shipped)
1/2 gallon M-F Anise worm oil (will seperate in 1, 2, or 4oz bottles, or buy the whole 1/2 gallon)
6 oz of heat stabilizer (lurecraft)
2 oz hardner (lurecraft)
1 oz softner (lurecraft)
2 oz toad magnet (upperhand)
2 oz java & garlic (upperhand)
2 oz garlic (upperhand)
2 oz craw & anise (upperhand)
2 oz craw (upperhand)
2 oz coffee shad (upperhand)
6 oz white (lurecraft)
2 oz rootbeer (delmart)
1 oz junebug (delmart)
2 oz purple (delmart)
1 oz black grape (delmart)
2 oz grape (lurecraft)
1 oz florida grape (delmart)
1 oz blue fleck (delmart)
1 oz lime (delmart)
1 oz scuppernog (bears baits)
1 oz blue (lurecraft)
1 oz jet black (lurecraft)
2 oz blackmelon (bears baits)
2 oz blackmelon (delmart)
3 oz green pumpkin (delmart)
4 oz watermelon (delmart)
2 oz gold .008 (delmart)
4 oz dark gold .035 (delmart)
2 oz black .035 (delmart)
2 oz green .035 (delmart)
2 oz copper .015 (delmart)
2 oz pearl white powder (lurecraft)

As stuff is sold, I will update the list. My paypal is saltfisher1024@yahoo.com
Submitted: Jan 12 2013 03:42 PM
Last updated: Jan 12 2013 03:42 PM
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