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Molds for sale

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Molds for sale

Offered by: Columbia Craft
Price: Varies


5 bears 5.5" hinged twin tail lizard molds $40 each shipped
3 bears 5" hinged brush hog mods $30 each shipped
2 Bass Tackle 4 cavity hand pour 3" stick bait molds SOLD

1 bass tackle 8 cavity 6" fineness worm mold hand pour (but I always injected it) $65 shipped
1 bears 7.5" hinged twin tail lizard mold $45 shipped
2 bobs open pour 5 cavity open pour paddle tail worm molds $45for both shipped
PayPal only PM if interested
Sorry for the bad picture I can email you better ones
Submitted: Dec 11 2013 06:09 PM
Last updated: Dec 11 2013 10:12 PM
  • You cannot edit this classified ad