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New Pepper Pro Series Football Jigs, Casting Jigs Skinny Bear Etc

New Pepper Pro Series Football Jigs, Casting Jigs Skinny Bear Etc

Offered by: basscattrent 2
Price: Price Varies


I will be moving some/ almost all of my personal jigs out of my collection to make room for new ones. I am a fine wire hook guy/ not EWG because of the clear water, over pressured lakes. The 1 oz jigs work fine I just seem to be less tired after fishing with a 3/4 oz all day so I am letting go of all of my 1oz jigs. Most of the Pepper Jigs 35 I believe of 47 are from their Pro Series Football jigs line and all of the Pepper jigs come with Gamakatsu hooks. Thirty five of the fourty seven are still in package but I believe all but 1 are new. I have cut back some of the skirts on the opened ones but only one has ever seen the water and it looks great. There is 1 Arkie head in the bunch the rest are football jigs. Twenty nine Pepper jigs weigh 1oz, 3 are 1/2 and 15 are 3/8. Here are some pics below, I am asking $71.00 for the 47 Pepper Jigs $1.51 per jig they cost $3.49 each at Tackle Warehouse for both the casting and the Pro Series. There are 9 more Pepper jigs below in pic but they are already added in the $71.00 total for the pepper jigs lot.
This next picture has 9 open Pepper jigs and some have been trimmed but only one has seen the water. The Pepper jigs are in the middle circle. There are also 11 1 oz Bass Patrol jigs on the bottom left in a circle and three in package,I will take $10.00 for the 11 Bass Patrol Jigs when combined with the Pepper jigs. I have trimmed 8 of them the other three are in the package. Only one has seen the water. There are 5 brand new Skinny Bear Elite Football jigs in package I will take $7.50 for the Skinny Bear jigs they all weigh 3/8 oz and have Gamakatsu hooks.

I also have 23 New but trimmed 3/4 sculpin colored jigs they have a very big sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook in them. I am selling them because again I am a clear water fisherman and there is nothing finesse about these hooks. I took a close up picture of one of them to show you how close the jigs skirts are cut to the hook and hook size. I will take $25.00 for the sculpin colored jigs when shipped with the pepper jigs. I do not know what brand these are I had a guy make them for me off of ebay a few years back.

I priced all the jigs separately so that you could see how much I am charging for each brand of jig and the no name brand but I will not ship the Skinny Bear, Bass Patrol, or No Name jigs by themselves sorry. You will have to add them to the Pepper jigs lot. If you were local I would but between the gas,shipping, and time spent going back and forth I can not. I always check my email first trentgreer@att.net but you can send me a PM or post that you will take them. I always go by the first person to respond I always check the time to be fair to all. If you are going fishing or at work just post that you want them and I will wait till the next day if needed. I only ship within the USA and the price includes shipping so depending on how many jigs you get I will probably have to rip off the pepper jigs backing to fit them in a small USPS Box.
Submitted: Aug 30 2014 08:52 PM
Last updated: Aug 30 2014 08:52 PM
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