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PC Solid Sheet(Polycarbonate Sheet)

Attached Image: 03-76d62f18-84b3-45c6-83a9-d1a709d5f823.jpg Attached Image: pc solid sheet5.jpeg Attached Image: polycarbonate solid sheet.jpg Attached Image: 6-2.jpg

PC Solid Sheet(Polycarbonate Sheet)

Offered by: ayetong
Price: Varies


PC Solid Sheet Applications:

1) Telephone booths

2) Road signs and advertisements '

3) Billboards on lamp boxes

4) Lighting and partition walls for banks, hospitals and stations

5) Greenhouses for vegetables, zoos, aquatic products

6) Sound and heat insulation for expressways

7) Instrument and war industries - windscreens, army shields

More products information:http://www.ytfoam.com/product/product_30_63_1.html
Submitted: Nov 04 2011 04:47 AM
Last updated: Nov 04 2011 04:47 AM
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