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Plastisol, Molds, coloring

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Plastisol, Molds, coloring

Offered by: Fishin Boyz Lures
Price: 75.00


I have almost a gallon of perfectly good plastisol that I dont need anymore, you can see in the picture below how much is in the gallon bottle from where my finger is. Also have molds. In picture below, From left to right top row: (2) 3 cavity 4 inch finesse type worms, 3 cavity 2.5 inch chunck trailer, 1 cavity 6" lizard, 2 cavity 7.5 inch U tail worm. Bottom row: 2 cavity 3.5 inch beaver, 1 cavity 3.5 inch craw trailer, 3 cavity 5 inch stick bait, and 4 cavity 4 inch stickbait. As for coloring, from left to right, 2 oz green pumpkin, 1 oz black grape, 1 oz Bubblegum, 1 oz motor oil, 1 oz minnow silver. Also not picture I have a big bag of black flakes (glitter) and if anyone wants some plastic scraps I got a bunch too.

$75.00 plus shipping

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Submitted: Jan 28 2013 07:14 PM
Last updated: Jan 28 2013 07:55 PM
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