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Powder Paint

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Powder Paint

Offered by: stumpthumper
Price: $15


Recently I purchased a large amount of industrial grade, DuPont powder paint. I make jigs and have used a couple different brands of powder paint specifically marketed for fisherman, and this DuPont paint puts them all to shame. It paints and finishes comparably to the major brands used by most do it yourself-er's, but is much more durable in my opinion. On this most recent order I ordered all brown, and I have set aside what I want to keep and am selling the rest. It is a bit darker shade brown than most of the big box brands(see pic). $15 per pound plus $5 shipping. Shipping stays the same regardless of how much you choose to oder.
EX: 1lb. = $20 TYD
2lb. = $35 TYD

I take PayPal or certified checks only. Please send email to longball09@hotmail.com if interested.

Submitted: Jan 29 2013 12:38 PM
Last updated: Jan 29 2013 12:38 PM
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