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Runners - Updated List

Runners - Updated List

Offered by: carolinamike
Price: 1.10 per lb + shipping


Here's an updated list of available colors:

watermelon/small red flake
watermelon/red flake - no salt added
pink/silver flake
glow/silver hologram flake
watermelon/purple flake
black/red flake
pearl pink/clear/silver flake
pearl purple/clear/silver hologram string glitter
amber/clear/gold hologram string glitter
chartreuse/clear/silver hologram string glitter
purple/blue & silver hologram flake
double runner - black melon/white/silver flake
double runner - copper/yellow/black, orange & gold glitter
green pumpkin
plum apple
bleeding red with purple,gold,green flake

Submitted: Jun 08 2013 12:19 PM
Last updated: Jun 12 2013 07:24 PM
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